Who would want day-old bread?

The smell from a freshly baked loaf of bread can be irresistible to some.  But happily ever after doesn’t always last.

  • Emotionally-I’m a wreck.
  • Financially-I’m in debt.
  • Professionally-I’m lost.
  • Physically-I feel sick.

After my divorce 5 years ago that was my checklist.  I had become day-old bread; stale and undesirable.  With such a high divorce rate, day old bread can be all over the place.  Many of us ask ourselves, who’s gonna want me?  A simple question but with a heavy burden.  We wonder why we were once an amazing baguette, then suddenly, we might as well be torn to pieces and fed to the ducks at the pond.  But if you’ve ever asked yourself, who’s gonna want me?  Consider the possibility that this might be a selfish question.  Because it puts the responsibility on someone else to figure out how to make day-old bread taste like freshly baked bread, and that’s unfair to expect from someone new.

Instead, take time to work on yourself.  Add some new ingredients and figure out how to make a new recipe for a better you.  Get to a point where you can embrace the fact that you’re not freshly baked anymore.  The road to recovery lies in bread pudding my friend.  If you can figure out how to make delicious bread pudding out of yourself, the answer to the question will be: I’m gonna want me, why?  Because bread pudding is delicious!

2 responses to “Who would want day-old bread?”

  1. Jetzy says:

    Your message is powerful. It made me have a aha moment!

  2. Teresa says:

    I love this post! I definitely connect with the Bread Pudding analogy AND Bread Pudding IS delicious!

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