The Tuna can make you healthier

Pro football is back and if you are a fan like I am, then you are very much looking forward to watching your team play.  One of the many things that go hand in hand with football is great and delicious food.  Did you know that if you watch a game while eating pizza you could be amazingly healthy, or that you could also watch the game while eating kale salad and be very unhealthy?  In fact, both of these scenarios can be true.  How you might ask, well, it’s simple.  Let’s examine football players by the numbers first.

The average career length of an NFL player is 3 years.  At the beginning of training camp there were almost 3000 players trying to make their team, but only about 1700 players achieved this.  Each week only 1472 players are eligible to play, only about 760 are starters and only about half of them are considered good players.  Each season less than 100 are labeled All-Pro, the cream of the crop for the year.  And each year only 5-7 players make it to the hall of fame.  A place where only the best of all time can enter.  So what does this all have to do with eating pizza being healthy and kale salad not?  It’s all about the level of commitment to your diet.  How long of a career as a healthy eater do you want to have and at what level do you want it to be?  All pro level players do things differently than those who simply just make the team.  If every month you eat 90 meals and 1 out of 90 is pizza on the couch, but the rest are plant based sos free, then you are a damn healthy individual, a potential hall of famer.  But if 1 out of 90 meals you eat is kale salad and the rest of the time you eat fast food then you are probably sick and overweight.

You are neither healthy or unhealthy because of 1 meal, it’s your entire diet over a long period of time that determines this.  Let me be completely honest, I didn’t write this post for people who are either extremely healthy or extremely unhealthy.  I wrote it for the rest of us struggling to go from being an average starter to getting to an All-Pro Level.  I remember a quote by hall of fame coach himself, Bill Parcells, nicknamed The Tuna, “You are what your record says you are”.  He didn’t make excuses, when his team had a winning record he had a good team.  When his team had a losing record he had a bad team.  So if you eat many healthy meals, but you eat just as many unhealthy ones, then you don’t really eat a healthy diet.  It may not be bad, but don’t kid or try to fool yourself into thinking you are healthy just because you eat kale salad or steamed veggies a couple times a week.  You either have the proper body fat, good flexibility, good muscle tone and good bowel movements or you don’t.  So, as you enjoy the upcoming football season and you cheer for your team remember this, you are what your body says you are.

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