How often do we eat cancer?


I had some curious thoughts as I looked at my cancer covered Pork chop.  Pork chop is english for Chuleta, my 12 year old chihuahua pictured above, who was diagnosed with cancer over two years ago.  I looked at her this morning, I remembered a recent FB post about dogs in cages, some of which still had their collars and name tags on them about to be killed and eaten somewhere in Asia.  I first wondered, how do they know they’re not eating someone’s pet that might have cancer just like my Chuleta?  And does eating cancer meat affect the person eating it?  These two thoughts led to something even more worrisome.  How do we know a burger, slab of ribs or hot wings we eat, didn’t come from an animal with cancer?  After a little research I learned that it is possible for livestock, to get cancer.  So… can people at a slaughter house recognize what cancer meat looks like, and if so do they care enough to dispose of it?  If not, can an average customer like you or me identify cancer meat displayed in a butcher shop case?

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