Chefs love dating multiple sisters.

There’s something about dating multiple sisters, it brings a lot of flavor into my life, it keeps me young and full of desire.  The first one I dated was Blanca, round and curvy, but very intense, oh my she is spicy.  She was my first and she often had me in tears, but I have very fond memories of her.  Nowadays I only get together with her occasionally, it’s usually only when my mother has her over for dinner that I’ll have a secret rendez vous with her.  Blanca is one of fraternal triplets.  Morada was the second sister I dated.  I hook up with her very often, I love how colorful and vibrant she can be.  She’s incredible, in the most sour of situations she shines the brightest.  She’s my grandmother’s favorite, she loves it when Morada comes over for a visit.  The last of the triplets is Gialla, she’s the more submissive of the three.  I didn’t meet her until a few years ago, but now, if I don’t dip into her flavorful body 5 or 6 days out of the week I start to feel lonely.  She’s what you would call, my steady girl.

Aside from the triplets, there are a few other sisters, and they all fulfill a certain something inside and outside of me.  Kele, she’s the tallest of the girls, I love her body.  The only problem is, she’s the dirtiest of them all, and not in the good way.  She’s always muddy as she loves being out in the garden.  Before I put my mouth on her, I pretty much have to rinse her off every time.  But once I clean her up, she’ll let me do whatever I want with her.  There’s also Charllot, her body is petite, but she is the most interesting and sophisticated of them all.  She can be very sharp or very sweet with me.  It just depends on how I treat her, truthfully, I like nibbling her no matter what mood she’s in.  There’s a couple other sisters in the family, and I like how they taste, but they are too skinny, not enough curves to slap and hang onto.

Some of my Buddhist friends don’t approve of the girls, they say they don’t dare touch them, the feelings of desire they provoke are too distracting.  I respect their point of view, but the girls, with all their layers, full fill every one of my desires.

People ask me on a weekly basis, how do I know which one of them I should use for what dish?  My response always is: the onions sisters are amazing.  They are interchangeable in most situations, but they all know how to do bring something different to the table.

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