Anyone can make lemonade


Sure when life gives you lemons you know what to do.  But what if life gives you prunes?  Prunes are a great and natural way to deal with constipation, not to mention they are sweet and delicious.  I alway simmer my prunes for about 10 minutes, it makes them soft and syrupy; when necessary, I eat one or two.  Half hour later I get a 2 minute warning to get to the bathroom or else.  But life often gives us more than intestinal constipation.  We are constantly dealing with emotional, spiritual and psychological blockages.  These come in the form of unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling jobs, or childhood traumas.  Most of the time we push through these issues and we try to deal with them.  And deal with them we must, we are 100% responsible for living our lives.  But there comes a point when dealing with some of our challenges means that, we put up with them simply because we don’t know that we have another choice.  That choice, is to take in a big serving of emotional prunes; break up with an abusive partner, quit the exhausting job or separate from an unhealthy family situation, and afterwards, let life take its course.

The resistance against doing this is the fear.  The prospect of having to go through this process and end up alone, unemployed or removed from family members can be too scary and overwhelming for many of us.  So we force ourselves to stay constipated and we keep going trying to cope.  We push ourselves to the point of tears and exhaustion over and over again.  In the process of doing this, we can easily loose our confidence and self-worth.  We convince ourselves that if we work hard enough we can make the situation better and we’ll be happy again.  And so we keep pushing forward again and again and we continue to hurt more and more.

When life puts a big bowl of prunes in front of you, it’s for a reason.  It’s not an obligation, it’s an opportunity.  An opportunity to force yourself to take a big dump, a big emotional dump.  To free yourself from other people’s responsibilities, problems and deficiencies.  To take care of yourself and stop being someone else’s abuse and anger outlet.  Yes, it’s a tricky business to eat some prunes and have to rush to the toilet before you soil yourself.  But whether it’s your gut or your life, there’s that sweet moment when you’re done and you wipe yourself clean after getting rid of toxic waste.  The moment you get up and feel relief because you’re literally lighter.

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