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Anyone can make lemonade


Sure when life gives you lemons you know what to do.  But what if life gives you prunes?  Prunes are a great and natural way to deal with constipation, not to mention they are sweet and delicious.  I alway simmer my prunes for about 10 minutes, it makes them soft and syrupy; when necessary, I eat one or two.  Half hour later I get a 2 minute warning to get to the bathroom or else.  But life often gives us more than intestinal constipation.  We are constantly dealing with emotional, spiritual and psychological blockages.  These come in the form of unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling jobs, or childhood traumas.  Most of the time we push through these issues and we try to deal with them.  And deal with them we must, we are 100% responsible for living our lives.  But there comes a point when dealing with some of our challenges means that, we put up with them simply because we don’t know that we have another choice.  That choice, is to take in a big serving of emotional prunes; break up with an abusive partner, quit the exhausting job or separate from an unhealthy family situation, and afterwards, let life take its course.

The resistance against doing this is the fear.  The prospect of having to go through this process and end up alone, unemployed or removed from family members can be too scary and overwhelming for many of us.  So we force ourselves to stay constipated and we keep going trying to cope.  We push ourselves to the point of tears and exhaustion over and over again.  In the process of doing this, we can easily loose our confidence and self-worth.  We convince ourselves that if we work hard enough we can make the situation better and we’ll be happy again.  And so we keep pushing forward again and again and we continue to hurt more and more.

When life puts a big bowl of prunes in front of you, it’s for a reason.  It’s not an obligation, it’s an opportunity.  An opportunity to force yourself to take a big dump, a big emotional dump.  To free yourself from other people’s responsibilities, problems and deficiencies.  To take care of yourself and stop being someone else’s abuse and anger outlet.  Yes, it’s a tricky business to eat some prunes and have to rush to the toilet before you soil yourself.  But whether it’s your gut or your life, there’s that sweet moment when you’re done and you wipe yourself clean after getting rid of toxic waste.  The moment you get up and feel relief because you’re literally lighter.

The Tuna can make you healthier

Pro football is back and if you are a fan like I am, then you are very much looking forward to watching your team play.  One of the many things that go hand in hand with football is great and delicious food.  Did you know that if you watch a game while eating pizza you could be amazingly healthy, or that you could also watch the game while eating kale salad and be very unhealthy?  In fact, both of these scenarios can be true.  How you might ask, well, it’s simple.  Let’s examine football players by the numbers first.

The average career length of an NFL player is 3 years.  At the beginning of training camp there were almost 3000 players trying to make their team, but only about 1700 players achieved this.  Each week only 1472 players are eligible to play, only about 760 are starters and only about half of them are considered good players.  Each season less than 100 are labeled All-Pro, the cream of the crop for the year.  And each year only 5-7 players make it to the hall of fame.  A place where only the best of all time can enter.  So what does this all have to do with eating pizza being healthy and kale salad not?  It’s all about the level of commitment to your diet.  How long of a career as a healthy eater do you want to have and at what level do you want it to be?  All pro level players do things differently than those who simply just make the team.  If every month you eat 90 meals and 1 out of 90 is pizza on the couch, but the rest are plant based sos free, then you are a damn healthy individual, a potential hall of famer.  But if 1 out of 90 meals you eat is kale salad and the rest of the time you eat fast food then you are probably sick and overweight.

You are neither healthy or unhealthy because of 1 meal, it’s your entire diet over a long period of time that determines this.  Let me be completely honest, I didn’t write this post for people who are either extremely healthy or extremely unhealthy.  I wrote it for the rest of us struggling to go from being an average starter to getting to an All-Pro Level.  I remember a quote by hall of fame coach himself, Bill Parcells, nicknamed The Tuna, “You are what your record says you are”.  He didn’t make excuses, when his team had a winning record he had a good team.  When his team had a losing record he had a bad team.  So if you eat many healthy meals, but you eat just as many unhealthy ones, then you don’t really eat a healthy diet.  It may not be bad, but don’t kid or try to fool yourself into thinking you are healthy just because you eat kale salad or steamed veggies a couple times a week.  You either have the proper body fat, good flexibility, good muscle tone and good bowel movements or you don’t.  So, as you enjoy the upcoming football season and you cheer for your team remember this, you are what your body says you are.

The end of the stones

DSC_0338Summer is experiencing its inevitable death.  The glooming arrival of the new school year grind is almost here.  With this seasonal change comes the end of the stones, stone fruits that is.  Cherries are done for the year, and the last few peaches and nectarines will soon disappear.  But there’s something interesting about these last few stone fruits.  They’re no longer perfect, these last peaches are smaller, a bit wrinkly, they have noticeable blemishes and most of all, their flavor is not what it was a month ago.  And so chefs across the land are beginning to rethink their menus.  No longer perfect, peaches are not a turn-on anymore and our wandering eyes and palates are switching to figs (the hot new item).

And I can’t help but compare the similarities between peaches and relationships.  It’s easy to find takers when we are in season, when our skin is perfect and we have no blemishes.  But as soon as that changes, and we get past our prime, we are pushed aside for the hot new item.  This is something that’s done to us and something we do to others as well.  No one is free of fault or immune to this process, and the seasonal availability for a relationship can last from a week to many years.

So what is wrong with a slightly over ripe peach, what is wrong with a few blemishes, why are we so driven to find the perfect partner and bolt the minute we realize the one we have, is not the ideal fruit?  One of the easiest ways to deal with a blemish on a peach, is to either bite it, or cut it off.  As much as we’d like to sometimes, we obviously can’t rip off limbs from a blemished partner.  But there is one thing we can do.  We can make marmalade, we can take that non perfect peach, and put some time, patience, heat and energy and create a delectable spread to sweeten up our life.  Is this easy to do?  Of course not, as I write this I’m thinking about the last beautifully imperfect peach I let go off not too long ago.  You kind of have to know what you are doing in order to make marmalade, but if you are willing to learn how and you invest your energy into it, you would never know the peach was blemished to begin with.

Chefs love dating multiple sisters.

There’s something about dating multiple sisters, it brings a lot of flavor into my life, it keeps me young and full of desire.  The first one I dated was Blanca, round and curvy, but very intense, oh my she is spicy.  She was my first and she often had me in tears, but I have very fond memories of her.  Nowadays I only get together with her occasionally, it’s usually only when my mother has her over for dinner that I’ll have a secret rendez vous with her.  Blanca is one of fraternal triplets.  Morada was the second sister I dated.  I hook up with her very often, I love how colorful and vibrant she can be.  She’s incredible, in the most sour of situations she shines the brightest.  She’s my grandmother’s favorite, she loves it when Morada comes over for a visit.  The last of the triplets is Gialla, she’s the more submissive of the three.  I didn’t meet her until a few years ago, but now, if I don’t dip into her flavorful body 5 or 6 days out of the week I start to feel lonely.  She’s what you would call, my steady girl.

Aside from the triplets, there are a few other sisters, and they all fulfill a certain something inside and outside of me.  Kele, she’s the tallest of the girls, I love her body.  The only problem is, she’s the dirtiest of them all, and not in the good way.  She’s always muddy as she loves being out in the garden.  Before I put my mouth on her, I pretty much have to rinse her off every time.  But once I clean her up, she’ll let me do whatever I want with her.  There’s also Charllot, her body is petite, but she is the most interesting and sophisticated of them all.  She can be very sharp or very sweet with me.  It just depends on how I treat her, truthfully, I like nibbling her no matter what mood she’s in.  There’s a couple other sisters in the family, and I like how they taste, but they are too skinny, not enough curves to slap and hang onto.

Some of my Buddhist friends don’t approve of the girls, they say they don’t dare touch them, the feelings of desire they provoke are too distracting.  I respect their point of view, but the girls, with all their layers, full fill every one of my desires.

People ask me on a weekly basis, how do I know which one of them I should use for what dish?  My response always is: the onions sisters are amazing.  They are interchangeable in most situations, but they all know how to do bring something different to the table.

How often do we eat cancer?


I had some curious thoughts as I looked at my cancer covered Pork chop.  Pork chop is english for Chuleta, my 12 year old chihuahua pictured above, who was diagnosed with cancer over two years ago.  I looked at her this morning, I remembered a recent FB post about dogs in cages, some of which still had their collars and name tags on them about to be killed and eaten somewhere in Asia.  I first wondered, how do they know they’re not eating someone’s pet that might have cancer just like my Chuleta?  And does eating cancer meat affect the person eating it?  These two thoughts led to something even more worrisome.  How do we know a burger, slab of ribs or hot wings we eat, didn’t come from an animal with cancer?  After a little research I learned that it is possible for livestock, to get cancer.  So… can people at a slaughter house recognize what cancer meat looks like, and if so do they care enough to dispose of it?  If not, can an average customer like you or me identify cancer meat displayed in a butcher shop case?

How to pick the juicy ones!


Whether it’s guacamole, mango-lime granola or margaritas, it’s very frustrating when limes are not juicy.  So follow these suggestions and you’ll always get a successful squeeze.

  1. Limes with lighter skin have more juice.
  2. Limes with smoother skin have more juice.
  3. And of course bigger limes have more juice.

Who would want day-old bread?

The smell from a freshly baked loaf of bread can be irresistible to some.  But happily ever after doesn’t always last.

  • Emotionally-I’m a wreck.
  • Financially-I’m in debt.
  • Professionally-I’m lost.
  • Physically-I feel sick.

After my divorce 5 years ago that was my checklist.  I had become day-old bread; stale and undesirable.  With such a high divorce rate, day old bread can be all over the place.  Many of us ask ourselves, who’s gonna want me?  A simple question but with a heavy burden.  We wonder why we were once an amazing baguette, then suddenly, we might as well be torn to pieces and fed to the ducks at the pond.  But if you’ve ever asked yourself, who’s gonna want me?  Consider the possibility that this might be a selfish question.  Because it puts the responsibility on someone else to figure out how to make day-old bread taste like freshly baked bread, and that’s unfair to expect from someone new.

Instead, take time to work on yourself.  Add some new ingredients and figure out how to make a new recipe for a better you.  Get to a point where you can embrace the fact that you’re not freshly baked anymore.  The road to recovery lies in bread pudding my friend.  If you can figure out how to make delicious bread pudding out of yourself, the answer to the question will be: I’m gonna want me, why?  Because bread pudding is delicious!

5 reasons why chefs love/hate cooking at home?

Why we love it.

  1. It’s a great opportunity to impress someone we like.
  2. We can just focus on cooking vs having to check if the kitchen staff is doing their job.
  3. It’s an opportunity to experiment on new dishes.
  4. If we have a craving for a particular dish we can always make it.
  5. We can cook what we are craving, at a cheaper price than going to a restaurant.

Why we hate it

  1. No dishwasher from work to come clean up the mess.
  2. The stove doesn’t get as hot as the ones at work.
  3. Not enough space for everything we need.
  4. Not as many ingredients in the fridge or the pantry.
  5. The oven is not on and it will take too long to heat up.

Hot and Spicy Love

Rarely can you predict when and how you’ll fall in love (or how hard for that matter).  The first time I fell in love at first sight was with a beautiful blonde wearing a red dress.  I did my best, but it was not meant to be.  I didn’t think it would happen again, but I found myself in that moment for the second time.  I closed my eyes and wondered how can something so wonderful exist?  I felt a tingling sensation, butterflies in my belly, my surroundings disappeared and were replaced by the with desire to taste and explore every inch of my newly found love.

As I’ve said before, you can never predict when and how.  And so it was, curry leaves have turned out to be my second love at first sight.  I can’t get enough of them, their smell and flavor is just incredible.  If you’ve never experienced a curry leaf, then you must.  Their aroma is that of a meal that’s been cooking for hours and has reached the perfect flavor and texture.  And that’s before you even cook with them.  Used commonly in Indian cuisine, they are just delectable.  Try them, and many hot and spicy ideas might race through your mind.

Are you a burnt piece of meat?

When a beautiful and delicious roast comes out of the oven, it can be quite the highlight of the party.  The middle part of the roast is usually bigger, juicier and it tends to satisfy the majority of people.  But there’s always that one person who skips over all that surface beauty and chases after the burnt end-piece.  The one that’s chewier and less moist.

If you’ve ever felt lonely, inadequate, unwanted or maybe even ugly, then think of yourself as the burnt end-piece and whatever you do, don’t give up.  Because it means that there is a special someone out there who can careless about softer, juicier pieces.  He/she is looking specifically for you, because in their mind you’ll be the one with the most flavor.  To them you are worth so much more than the majority of the roast, and their willingness to see past your burn edges is exactly what you need.